Saturday, August 13, 2011


As mentioned in an earlier post this week, Pitt the Younger's favorite way of spending the evening was to drink three bottles of port with his close friends and cabinet ministers. His favorite drinking partner was Dundas, who could not quite match Pitt's three bottles, but not from lack of effort.

During what seems to be one particularly memorable dinner party hosted by Charles Jenkinson in Croydon, Pitt and Dundas decided that they were sober enough to ride.

They were not.

The Prime Minister of England and the most famous Scottish MP of the time took it into their heads to gallop through an open toll gate separating Streatham and Tooting, and were shot at by the toll keeper.

Talk about taking a shot at greatness....


  1. *Sigh* You know you're turning ME into a Pitt the Younger fangirl...

  2. Oh no, you have discovered my secret agenda!

    More seriously though, Pitt the Younger is a fascinating and funny individual... though he made some very questionable calls when it came to civil liberties in reaction to the Terror. He's still a great person to read up on!