Friday, November 25, 2011

The very shoe roses had to be got by proxy....

For the historical costumers and other fashion fans that follow this blog: 

"Pemberley" Regency Shoe Pre-Sale OPEN + Giveaway!

Go forth, merry historical holiday shoppers, and order a pair of Pemberlies, the perfect Regency shoe, for your Jane Austen-obsessed love one, or treat yourself!

Pre-Order Now
November 25 - December 9
$80 ($95)
Click Here 

Ordering is UNLIMITED, on all women's USA sizes 6 through 12, including half sizes.

Orders of 5 + receive the special pre-order price, plus quantity and shipping discounts.

Delivery in early 2012.

*We need to sell just over 100 pairs of Pemberlies in order to manufacture them.  If we don't meet that goal, all of you who did order will have to be refunded in full, and the Pemberlies will be canceled.  If this is the Regency shoe of your dreams, please share, blog, tweet, tumble, stumble, and pass the news along.*

And when you share, you could win....

Pemberley Regency Shoe Giveaway

About the Prize:
The "Pemberley" Regency shoes are closely based on extant footwear from the 1790s through 1810.  The smooth, dyable, hand-sewn leather upper is designed to be lovely enough formal occasions, and durable enough for walking in the countryside.  Particular attention was paid to the point of the toe, as well as the other hallmarks of Regency historical footwear, with the main goals being both historical accuracy and all-day comfort

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